Cellsonics is reengineering single-cell sample preparation to deliver the individual characteristics of each patient sample for a precision medicine approach to the analysis, treatment and diagnosis of disease. 

Cellsonics products are designed to enable any lab to obtain viable, heterogeneous cells from solid tissue samples without changing the gene profile from the native tissue sample. This is made possible by using cell friendly, proprietary BLUTM energy and SimpleFlowTM technologies for the dissociation.

The dissociated cells are suitable for Single Cell Analysis and Primary Tissue Culture applications.  


At Cellsonics Inc. we believe that Single Cell sample preparation should measure up to the promise of precision medicine.  Cellsonics product will use SimpleFlowTM technology to set new standards for obtaining single cells and nucleic acids from solid tissue with unparalleled speed, quality, sample integrity and cost effectiveness. The integration of novel Bulk Lateral UltrasonicTM (BLUTM) energy with a fluidic circuit in a single-use cartridge enables complete workflow solutions not possible using conventional methods.



Decisions by researchers and doctors can only be made as fast as the slowest test.  So sample preparation should be able to deliver working single cell samples for analysis in real time.  SimpleFlowTM technology eliminates complex manual or conventional liquid handling steps, as well as long incubation cycles required when using enzymatic reagents.


Sample Quality

While conventional tissue dissociation methods may have suited measuring cellular mutations and heterogeneity based on averages, Cellsonics SimpleFlowTM technology delivers the heterogeneous cell population of solid tissue samples important for understanding how any individual cell may contain meaningful information or serve a particular biological function.


Sample Integrity

The effectiveness of even the most advanced single cell applications may be reduced by cell debris produced by conventional sample preparation methods requiring additional steps and time to remove the debris before analysis is performed, or risk the loss of valuable sample.  SimpleFlowTM technology gently recovers viable cells using patented BLUTM energy so cell debris is greatly reduced.


Cost effectiveness

SimpleFlowTM technology enables the first fully automated tissue dissociation workflow from solid tissue to single cells.  Since Cellsonics believes single cell sample preparation should be relatively simple and cost effective for researchers and doctors to use routinely in any lab, the use of SimpleFlowTM products requires no specific training and includes scalability from one SimpleFlowTM System starting at $15,000; to up to eight systems independently controlled from a single console with on demand scheduling and reducing the risk of equipment  down time.

SimpleFlowTM technology is versatile so it will effectively process your solid tissue samples whether they are fresh, frozen or FFPE; improving the utilization of limited lab space and expense of redundant equipment.




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