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Cellsonics is a pioneer in the application of ultrasonic energy technology for single cell research. Our SimpleFlowTM system provides unique advantages in the preparation of biological samples for single cell isolation and analysis. We have reengineered single cell sample preparation to rapidly dissociate viable, heterogeneous cell populations from solid tissue without changing their transcriptome signature from the natural state of the tissue. Using patented Bulk Lateral Ultrasonic (BLUTM) energy, Cellsonics’ hands-free SimpleFlow system automatically delivers viable cells in suspension in 10 minutes or less without the use of enzymes – that’s right, no enzymes or incubation to impair cell surface markers or compromise the transcriptomic integrity of cells. Cellsonics is an early-stage commercial company based in the Silicon Valley that has developed and is launching the SimpleFlow System to enable single cell research labs to obtain viable, heterogeneous cell populations without compromising the valuable data in each sample.  We are looking for like minded team members that are interested in helping scientists make their next discovery by providing them cells that have been dissociated enzyme free. 

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